Samsung F250 Review

13 02 2009

The sleek but sturdy Samsung F250 has been poised as a new generation of mobile phone. Looking quite shiny with smooth edges, it gives the impression of being an expensive phone, but when you look at the actual price of the phone-set you’d be amazed.

Samsung have always been one of the leading firms in producing electronic equipment and I have to say that their products are normally reliable, efficient and product great quality. This mobile phone has almost all these features, however, if it’s considered a budget phone there must be a reason for it. “Not everything that looks good from the outside is also good from the inside”. This phone fits the statement as a glove fits the hand. Amazing and attractive from the outside but it lets you desire once you start using it.

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Having a website

12 02 2009

Nowadays, technology and the Internet can be said to have become an essential part of our lives. Whilst before we used to go online simply to chat with friends – using the ancient mIRC – nowadays we might end up spending most of the hours of our day online.

This clearly reflects the success that the Internet has had since its inception a couple of decades ago. From a corporate perspective, businesses used to have a website only if they were big companies and even then it was considered a luxury – nowadays even the sweets shop in the corner has a website. The world has evolved and the impact that the Internet has had on it was amazing.

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The Art of Blogging

11 02 2009

One of the latest buzz-words in the technology industry is undoubtedly blogging – rather than a word, some might consider it art since it involves creativity, relaying of messages and personal perspectives of things. Whilst blogging is considered to be a new way for people to let the world know what they think, some have also managed to turn it into their primary source of income – giving blogging even more importance in today’s world.

People are thinking of ways to exploit blogs in their own way, some just stick to describe how their day has been, whilst others find awkward and weird subjects on which to regularly write. At the end of the day, blogs are the reason why some people go online whilst being the way in which some of us simply jot down their views and criticism whilst making it a public domain.

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Hello world!

6 02 2009

The typical title shows that this is the first post in this new blog through which we aim at letting you know more about the ins and outs of technology especially the remit in which AceDomains operates – that of web hosting and development.

Technology is a very wide remit and it won’t be easy to explain it through this blog, but thanks to our expertise and industry knowledge you will definately find a few answers to your questions. Most of all, this blog will show you the tricks of the industry in order to help you stay away from any tricky markets and abstaining from falling into market traps which are out there.

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