The Art of Blogging

11 02 2009

One of the latest buzz-words in the technology industry is undoubtedly blogging – rather than a word, some might consider it art since it involves creativity, relaying of messages and personal perspectives of things. Whilst blogging is considered to be a new way for people to let the world know what they think, some have also managed to turn it into their primary source of income – giving blogging even more importance in today’s world.

People are thinking of ways to exploit blogs in their own way, some just stick to describe how their day has been, whilst others find awkward and weird subjects on which to regularly write. At the end of the day, blogs are the reason why some people go online whilst being the way in which some of us simply jot down their views and criticism whilst making it a public domain.

The questions is normally, can I have a blog? There are two answers to this question:

The technical answer would be yes. There exist a number of portals that can give you a free blog where you do not need to invest a single penny but simply come up with enough material to keep your audience interested. Obviously, the most creative part in such circumstances is normally choosing a name (domain) – but that applies for everything I guess.

The second answer to the question would be the logical one which would remain as vague as a maybe. This reply is evident because it’s up to you whether you. If you are able to release interesting material, with interesting information that keeps your readers going – then a blog is something that you’ll enjoy doing and probably be successful at. Having a blog, just for the sake of it is definitely not the right motivation for it and probably you’ll stop writing after the first couple of articles.

Ultimately, I personally see a blog as a commitment. As everything, the beginning is never easy and you might struggle to attract the right audience and get people to visit and revisit your blog but if you are able to publish the right content that is poised to raise interest then you are on the right track. The important thing is to be consistent, publish articles on a regular basis and most of all – don’t be afraid of being controversial!




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