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12 02 2009

Nowadays, technology and the Internet can be said to have become an essential part of our lives. Whilst before we used to go online simply to chat with friends – using the ancient mIRC – nowadays we might end up spending most of the hours of our day online.

This clearly reflects the success that the Internet has had since its inception a couple of decades ago. From a corporate perspective, businesses used to have a website only if they were big companies and even then it was considered a luxury – nowadays even the sweets shop in the corner has a website. The world has evolved and the impact that the Internet has had on it was amazing.

Today on the Internet you can find any sort of websites, religious, personal, business – you name it and its there. Why is this? Clearly with the evolution and development that the Internet has made in recent years, even economically it is now viable and everyone can have a website with as low as €8 a year. People nowadays can get a website up and running in minutes simply because it looks good on their CV having a http://www.myname.com website with my portfolio and curriculum.

A website gives everyone and everything a professional look. Individually, it means that you care about yourself, you’re not afraid to face the challenges that are out there and more importantly, you are innovative and benefiting from new ways of communication. As a business, having a website means broadening your audience, reaching more customers (for some it might even open the doors for exports) and easily keep in touch with your clients and advertise your products and/or services.

This is the clear indication of the Internet’s effect on our lives. Before to start a business you needed to invest thousands of dollars in capital and rent an office and employ staff – today? a simple website can be your office and the back-end software could replace your staff.What if your business fails? you would have lost not more than a $100 dollars and some hours worked – isn’t it worth risking it for a potentially successful venture?

Simple, enjoyable and innovative are what best describe the Internet nowadays. The best thing is that its still evolving and will never stop evolving because people’s demand continues to increase and the Internet’s potential will develop even further. This is the beauty of technology – it gives us what we want and we use it as we want!

At the risk of sounding like a preacher, I have to say that the tools for us to succeed are out there – now its up to us to grab them and use them at our own (legal) advantage!




2 responses

12 02 2009

As a philosopher has said:
‘If a hammer is your only tool, all you will see are nails.

12 02 2009

That is very true!

On the other hand, I think that we cannot compare a hammer to the Internet because whilst a hammer’s only scope is to fix nails – the Internet’s remit is almost endless with a vast combination of how people can make use of it.

Unfortunately, as in everything else, there are good and bad ways to use the Internet – and this can also be applied to the hammer.

Thanks for your interesting comment!

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